57 years old man.

I never thought a day I would write something like this. My friend introduced me to her elder friend, he’s a matured man about 57 years old and wealthy though. We met up and somehow ended up at a hotel. He blew my mind!!! 🥺🥺 Though we didn’t have sex but this man made us masturbate to porn together and it was so good, so good. He made us touch ourselves watching porn, his fingers on my clit and my boobs, so gentle and mine on his. I was begging for him to fuck me even if it’s a little bit because I was so dripping. He did for a little bit tho and I didn’t want it to stop…OMG. He was soo big, it filled up my entire pussy, the grip was incomparable and he was soo good with his finger, I have gotten that horny since my last boyfriend. Not that I haven’t been with someone or had sex after but this was different but he had a flight to catch. I’m just holding myself from texting this man!! When next I’ll see him😭, I’ll let him come to me though. I know he wants me like I do, on top he gave me some dollars for transport fare. God forgive me ohh


  1. Girl you’re me right now even tho mine is 50 and he doesn’t look it, the first sex was bomb and trust me girl he can spend, first day we met I was already on his beneficiary, 😊😊 I mean this is same me that use to resent married men o, wo my dear am looking forward to the second meet up jare

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