I liked this guy and he was attracted to me, we eventually got close and later he said he wasn’t sure about his feelings if it was lust or love. I told him when he’s convinced he should let me know. He started changing and I observed he was getting close to this girl I asked about it and he said nothing is going on and even ended with so you think I won’t tell so I could still keep you around. I kept my distance to avoid issues but this girl wanted to be my friend by all means. I complained that we were not doing the things that we had planned to do for work but he said I was jealous of the girl. I started talking to the girl, and she said she was pansexual. I saw a chat where he told the girl that he lied about work and I confronted him about it, he asked how I found out I told him I saw it on his WhatsApp, that it was opened, he then turned the table that I was going through his stuff and call me stupid and manipulative. He didn’t want to listen to what I had to say. I still apologized for going through his stuff when he wasn’t around but he said I wasn’t been apologetic about what I did, I got pissed and asked him if he was. In the midst of all this, this girl without my knowledge was looking for a girlfriend for me because she thought I was into her. I gave her a warning, I was like I wasn’t talking to her she had problems with it, and when I did I’m into her. I hope they both see this

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