I’m confused

My partner and i got into a fight, the issue is i’m very pregnant and when we fight i always want to run away from the house mostly because he says awful things like “the only thing between me and you is the baby”. I get fucked up too and say things but i believe nobody has to hear that especially me since we lost two pregnancies last year and we are happy for this one staying. We had a fight recently i had apologized earlier and i asked to see him he said no. I called a lot of times and i decided to put my phone on dnd like he does all the time. I called him 20 times and he called 6 times and i didn’t pick. Then he said the triggering thing that “the only thing between us is the baby” and he blocked me everywhere so i left the house. Now he said i have broken him etc etc but he’s not asking me to come back and i’m not gonna drop my pride. Besides he kept putting off calling my parents for proper introduction, and i feel that’s the reason why he can always tell me those triggering things. What exactly do i do? i miss my home and him. We were trying to build a family. Will he ask me to come home? But i won’t go home if he doesn’t call my parents. I’ve been talking to him all day trying to sneak in a way for him to just say sorry and fix it but he’s very upset that i left and he’s standing on that. Please i really don’t want to be outside but i don’t want to feel like i don’t have pride. I can’t tell my parents because he will never have rights to me and the baby anymore. We’re really trying but we’re both proud stubborn and we always push things too hard till it gets irredeemable.

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