I want to apologize to this man I dump for someone else. I came back to Nigeria, and it’s been traumatizing. I don’t know how to reach him, and we have both blocked each other on social media. I feel bad I can’t hurt someone. My family won’t let me marry a Yoruba. I started talking to Igbo men. I love that Yoruba man more than this Igbo one. Come back to me my forever. 🥺

Hey forever, after we both blocked each other on social media, the love I have for you started growing, and I have to start reading our old chats and all voice vote. I was so mean I don’t mean to cuss you out. I have mental issues. I showed you the medications I’m taking. I will walk around Lagos and look for you, I promise. I’m back home. I just want to have discussions. I’m ready to listen.

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