Four days ago, I woke up to a sound so unfamiliar, I wouldn’t be able to say what had woken me up, but another’s presence felt alien, it felt like I might have contributed to what happen. Normally when I want to sleep, my light is always off but today I kept it on. I was so tired as I had being sick, I woke up to see my well kept purse dangling at the window and not really awake asked if the person was crazy, it took a while to realize that I was being robbed. I went out of my room to get my flatmates but everyone was sluggish in reacting, I went out by myself and found the empty purse and a bucket face down at my window, the thought of anyone having access to me whilst I was at my most vulnerable makes me break down in cold sweat at 3 am night after night, is this PTSD… I NEED PRAYERS….

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