Tough one

I’m a 26 year old male, I left my mom since 6 and during this period of being away, life and humans have made me lost faith/trust in the world. I can’t cry or even be emotional asin I’ve become sooo tough both mentally psychologically and emotionally that I hardly take people serious or even for their smallest word (I have gone through a lot 😏 on my own). I reconnected with my mom recently, discovered I couldn’t communicate with her effectively (language and affection 😓) She saw her beloved last born after many years and she has noticed that her boy isn’t lovable 😰. Since I was always in the room all through my stay with her,I once heard her tell my brother that she wished she never let me leave her side my years ago. Omo hard guy like me started crying right on the spot. I truly wish my mom wasn’t away from me. I miss being genuinely loved.

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