Tired of funding

Been single handedly taking care of myself and my boyfriend for 6 years. He even lives with me, no contribution to anything, paid his tuition too, he hept saying he doesn’t have money. I was happy to, at least I love him. His phone was bad, he was able to magic money out to fix it almost overnight and said it was ‘his’ feeding money. Someone that “you know I don’t have” is his anthem. My mumu don do sha. He should eat from the magic place he got the money for the phone. No more. Never again.

Tired ( part 2)

Yes, I have communicated in the past with no improvement from him. I had to voice up because I was falling out of love and I genuinely wanted to make it work. I explained the need to switch things up and try new things. When I ask why there’s no improvement he makes it look like I’m crazy.

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