I broke up with my ex early this year and I haven’t been with anyone else since then. I recently started talking to this guy and I like him. He has asked me to be his girlfriend and I’m eager to say YES!! but I don’t know if I should tell him I have HIV🥺 although I honestly told him I’m sick and he’s comfortable with being with me regardless but he doesn’t know what type of illness it is😩. We already had sex once (unprotected), I’m scared for him but I’m sure he can’t get it because my viral load as at last year was -40. I’ve been with one person ever since I found out about my status 5 years ago and my ex never got infected even with the numerous unprotected sex we had in those years of our relationship. Should I tell him the truth or be selfish and agree to date him knowing I can’t infect him as long as I’m still taking my drugs?

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