it’s a little confusing

Firstly, I have a porn addiction um, I first started watching porn at 12-13ish and then I stopped because I found God but when I turned 14 I kinda started but like on and off, not consistently. I’m 17 now dealing with a porn addiction, I’ve never had sex, never made out or like done anything with anyone but I get horny alot so I find myself going to porn to solve that. I recently started touching myself and I’m not going to lie it felt really good but I felt really guilty after it. I just deleted the pornographic videos on my phone, I’m going to stay off Twitter and telegram too so I don’t get tempted. I really want to build my relationship with christ. I don’t want mere list to distract me. from today june 13 2022. I promise to do better and stay off pornography or sex content and also masturbation, I hope to come back with a testimony later this year. wish me good luck on my no FIB journey 🙏🏽

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  1. It might be hard but try not to be alone at all times, read books, get busy, stay off sexual talks, and you’ll be fine ❤️&💡

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