I never thought I’d do this but here I am. I’m slowly becoming a recluse, when my husband met me I was depressed and I hated myself, he taught me how to love myself and now he’s the one inflicting pain. No matter how much he hurts me I can’t leave.

Dying Inside 2

How do I leave the one person that taught me to love myself? In a week we fight more than 5 times. He has never hit me though but we’re not living together at the moment so how would he? When I have issues with him I express myself without using hurtful words but when he has issues with me,

Dying Inside 3

But when it’s me, I might not even be in the wrong completely but he’d use the most hurtful words he can think of, threaten to leave me, claim he regrets marrying me and block me on all social media. My mental health is deeply affected, I’m so close to becoming suicidal again

Dying Inside 4

I used to wonder why women stayed through abuse but here I am stuck to my abuser like a leech. He’s that toxic drug, just one more hit. I used to tell him he’s like a drug and I’m an addict, if only he knew I wasn’t just being poetic. He will be the death of me.

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