Weird obsession

I don’t know what to do, I was broke af years ago, my then girlfriend was always a problem, seeking other guys and always wanting out. Whenever I say I loved her, she always hiss or make some stupid expression and say “no be love we go chop” bla bla bla, tbh I wouldn’t date myself then as well. Along the line she got pregnant, it was frustrating for her and for me though but it was more regretful for her as she was planning to dump me, already obsessed with another dude (although that one just want to pipe her😂). I didn’t love myself then I was confused depresssed and helpless, I knew I had to let her go but it was hard af. She was always talking to this new guy in my presence so she insisted we aborted it. I should have listened but I didn’t want to, I wanted something to be mine. I had known I’d get money as I’m smart and always trying, but I didn’t know when, so I felt I’d rather die than see my child hungry, this may propel me to succeed. I ignored her, she told her sis and lied that we agreed to abort, the sis called me on the day they were about to go for it, I explained and she apologized and cut the call. I later found out she told her that if she aborted it, she’d regret it as I clearly love and care about her, she made my life hell afterwards. Anyways two months into the pregnancy, after sleeping just 1-2 hours everyday I made my first millions in crypto, everything changed. She calmed and was trying to work out, new money got me depressed as well, as calls I didn’t want came in, people asking and all sorts. I was lonely amongst people, and angry with myself because I didn’t break up with her when I could, her new behavior was fake af. Then there comes another girl, we’ve been mutual contacts on WhatsApp for years and we barely talk. Although I used to like her, I talked to her and it turned out we were going through similar stuff, we met and that was it, fell in love, no it wasn’t fake because I saw her chats with her best friend. Now I have a child I love with a partner I despise and a girlfriend I can’t be with.

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