Owo Ti Jona

I participated in a crypto contest and won some tokens. The most painful part of it all is that the organization in charge of the contest sent the tokens to the wrong wallet. It’s partly my fault because I sent the wallet address from Binance and I was supposed to create a new wallet on another platform. It is also partly the organization’s employee’s fault because she took six days to reply my email asking for the right address to send. If only she had responded earlier, I could have refilled the Google form with the right wallet address. I reported the issue to Binance, but Binance denied my request. I am tired of blaming myself or her, but anytime I remember what happened I feel like crying. I feel like I worked so hard, researching and not sleeping to write the article that won me those tokens. Now the tokens that I would have converted to money for important stuff is gone, just like a bad dream.

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