I’m just tired of all of this. I met my boyfriend last year, we fell in love and started dating.I love him so much and he has done a lot for me despite been jobless. He’s actually not from my tribe, he’s an Igbo guy and based in the East, Enugu. while I on the other hand,I was born and brought up in ibadan. This guy studied Electrical/Electronics Engineering and he just passed out from NYSC recently and has been looking for work in Lagos. All his family in Lagos aren’t ready to help him(u guys know what families are capable of doing, most especially when you need them, they will never be there for you),I’m just fvcking tired of everything. My parents will never allow me relocate to Enugu even if he finds a work there. I have been praying so he can find work in Lagos but it’s not been easy since he doesn’t have any where he can stay in Lagos. My prayer is that he finds work in Lagos, then will our love continue. if he doesn’t, I think that might be the end of our relationship and I don’t want that to happen. I really wish there’s somebody that can help him get a work in Lagos State no matter what the pay his. To actually get a job in Lagos, u have to Know somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody. I will be glad if somebody can help