Lonely and depressed

I am a 26 years old lady, I just lost a 2 and half years relationship, we were planing our marriage, date was fixed and everything was in place. During a visit to his family side he insisted he wanted to see his spiritual father (a pastor,same church) so he can bless us, rather the man was against it and said I am not a bonify member of their church and also he hasn’t known me so well to settle down with me so he can’t bless the union. The sad part was that my fiancé kept this away from me. When we got back to our state, we were supposed to kick start the wedding arrangements but he was so cold. I asked him what happened that was when he opened up, I felt so betrayed and stuff. Few weeks after, we had a little misunderstanding and my so called fiance called the wedding off. Said “it is a sign that we are not compatible ” I am talking about someone we have never had a single day of argument or fight since we have been together. All through the years we have been together, no man has ever asked me out because we spend 100% of our time together. I do not have a fall back plan. I don’t know where to start from. I am depressed, lonely and now I have developed a low self esteem thinking I am not good enough. It so sad 😞.

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