Link up

Yo Big Man. Is there anyway to link up with anyone of these single ladies that recently posted on Instagram. To be honest I’m fed up of meeting ladies who just want to use me buy phone or provisions for school I don tire to dey do get to know you iranu. I need something meaningful mehn. Not someone who’ll be draining my energy and not reciprocating. I’m 26. Doing well for myself and my family. But No babe. Which is draining mentally because in a way the real ones bring balance to one’s life And the streets is wild these days… really wild


  1. Awww🥺🥺sorry bout that tho
    Real ones are hard to come by
    It takes time ! And patience
    In everything trust God

  2. Hi.. I hope you get to see this .

    I’m single and ready for something serious .
    My handle is @moisyourg

    I hope you reach out 🤗❤️

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