My boyfriend texted last week that he was feeling somehow. He went to the hospital and he tested for gonorrhoea and the result was positive. He called and told me to check myself. I told him I was not feeling anyhow and he said he was advised his partner should get treated. I asked him treatment for what? He said he does not know until 3 days later he said he has gonorrhoea. I am still in shock , I have cried cried and cried . I could not do a test until yesterday because I was on my period . The doctor advised that I start my medication, while I wait for the result to come out on Monday. I have been dating this boy for 8 months , I have never had sex with anyone apart from him . I asked him he said he has never had sex while I ask him this question he try to raise his voice but I was in so much pain , I have never felt this way in my life . I left the hospital yesterday and I told him I was coming to his place to talk about it, I got dear and I told him to tell me the truth. He said he did not sleep with anyone , I said okay and while waiting for my ride he was still trying to hug me & kiss me . He behave guilty like he’s hiding something I always choose the wrong partners , I am really unlucky when it comes to choosing the right people . Is there a way one can know who gave who ? Cause he’s beginning to ask me funny questions ? Like maybe I did something behind him 😂😂 Ha , my Lord

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  1. Try Celibacy. Fornication and premarital sex isn’t the will of God for you.
    Know God and have peace my dear. Best advice I can give you

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