Totally Confused

I dunno if I’ve got a low self esteem or I’m really just as useless as I feel but anyhow, before I digress. I’ve known this guy ( let’s call him Romeo) since secondary school. We were into each other for a year then before he changed schools and I graduated and stuff. Even though he had a girlfriend that was cheating on him, I was totally in love with him. Sorta. Keep in mind that I’m still a virgin. So we still talk.. He told me he loved me before he left, I did too.. Blah blah blah. He ends up in a Federal University while I went to Private. The same year I graduated secondary school, I met this new guy (let’s call him Dashing) then. Nigga meets me on the road, which shocks me and he tells me he’s interested in me. Long story short, he got my number and we talked for a year, then we lost contact. During this time, I’m still talking to Romeo. Fast forward to present time.. Dashing and I meet at a party my school hosted and he asked me out again… Keep in mind that I’m in a school where crazy things keep happening and people are changing boyfriends every week… The pressure definately got to me.. And I knew Dashing from 2 years ago… So I agreed… Now I’m thinking I don’t know him so well. He’s always talking about how I need to find a way to leave school and come have sex with him.. Then he gets angry when I give excuses. And that’s a major turn off for me.. But this is my first real relationship.. Including whatever I had with Romeo, because, we’d never even dated. But I like Dashing… Plus no one is overly interested in fat girls, so I’m thinking I should just suck it up.. But the thought about having sex at my age turns my stomach.. But if I say no I’m scared he’ll leave me.. Plus I don’t know what to do about Romeo. He still calls and stuff… But I think it’s because he hasn’t known how I look yet. And I know this is so long but I’m sorry.. I’m just wayyy confused.

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  1. Don’t do what you’re not ready to. You may regret it dear. Try to put in the work, if you’re not comfortable with your weight. Exercise. I wish you the best.

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