Done with life

I have gotten so broke now that I cannot even afford data, I remember when i had so much money then but all this investment schemes wrecked me i lost about a million plus and owing #900k loan and they would be coming to me soon. I’m 21 but i have failed in life

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  1. I’m kinda tired
    I feel I was used
    So here is the thing
    I met this guy 2017
    We’ve been good friends but somehow somehow
    Started to catch feelings cause of the constant communication
    One thing led to another we found ourselves in what I would call a situationship
    All the while he has told me he was single
    But I noticed towards the ending of last year the communication dropped and anytime he managed to call he would say me I forgot him and he has missed me
    That me I don’t want to see him
    And I remember he told me he wasn’t feeling well a while ago
    I offered to come help him cook he said no
    Even when he got a new place he didn’t tell me until we met along the road and I asked what he was doing here before he told me he now stays there though he told me he was looking for an apartment around..
    Another day I offered to go check on him
    He said he was going out
    So today he called me and after all the talk and hailing
    He sha started his story of me I forgot him and don’t want to see him
    Yen yen yen
    So I started to ask him questions
    I asked if he now has a gf
    That was when he told me he has a fiancée now
    I congratulated him
    But he couldn’t just keep quiet
    He was telling me that that doesn’t mean we can no longer be friends bla bla bla
    So I cut him short to save me the stories

    And I’m not angry he is in a relationship
    I’m just angry that why didn’t he tell me all along

    And kept playing along
    If not that I questioned him today he wasn’t even going to tell me
    I feel betrayed and hurt

    Am I supposed to
    He dropped the call because I said he should save me the stories and got angry
    Was I wrong for being angry??

    Did he truly offend me or I’m just over reacting??
    Please honest answers

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