What do girls what??

Back in secondary school there was this girl, she was like a little sister to me, she was in my younger brother’s class (he was in jss2 I was in ss3) but the girl was very busty and had a big ass. Something happened then, a fellow senior in ss3 threatened to rape the little girl then I stood up for her and stuffs. We got close and started talking, she shared her problems with me and all, we got really really close and we were inseparable. On the long run she confessed that she has feelings for me but I told her she was just like a younger sister to me. This girl blocked me on all social media, deleted my number so I texted her the following morning and called her, she was literally in tears, she almost commited suicide then I told her I liked her too just to make her feel good and not suicidal but the relationship felt weird because she’s like my younger brother’s age mate and all. On the long run I fell for her, it wasn’t easy though then she became irresistible to me lol. Me doing same thing I criticized so after about 3 months of dating I found out that she kissed that same guy that threatened to rape her omo I wan craze I felt really disheartened after everything I’ve done for her p.s ( I take care of her subscription, buy her stuff too, even on Valentine’s Day bought her different gifts) well that ended our relationship. We still talk though or should I say she still texts me. I think she still wants me but it’s all good sha.

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