I visited Nigeria with a welcome of girlfriend’s nude from someone trying to extort money from her and leaving Nigeria with another person sending pictures of her on different hotel beds naked. Inviting her for holidays abroad only to discover she does hook up here. I sponsor her academics and needs. I credit her every week , last month over #400k. I talk to her everyday to try to keep her company. I masturbate to keep me going, I bought vibrator for her. Her hook up funds is not up to 20% of what I have done for this girl. If she was fuckin 1 or 2 guys on the low, mehn I won’t be this angry. I understand what konji can do to a girl. It’s a slap on my face because I’m not a broke ass . Still carry her shopping in Dxb .She is crying begging me for another chance uhmm now I’m heartless. I’m done with her.


  1. Abeg oo I’m interested in this guy I’m too faithful I won’t break your heart o biko been out of the relationship scene for so long if you don’t mind you’ll be happier with me♥️

  2. We all suffer and get the wrong person everytime 🥺
    Don’t understand relationships anymore

  3. I’m sorry it’s this way for you. Unfortunately sometimes, we get the bad cookies. Good luck finding someone else(you could prolly find me, or I’ll find you eventually 😅). Just find love regardless

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