A shattered heart.

The person my boyfriend said was nothing to him and couldn’t compare to me, is the same person he sent me a text about saying he doesn’t need me in his life again and he doesn’t want to keep hurting her because of me. How he typed that particular statement is beyond me. The way he just hated me is shocking (i hope they’ve not kayanmatad him lol). Now I’m shattered, broken and has been questioning God for bringing such a human to me. I have never in my life loved somebody to this extent. I hope I find a place in my heart to forgive him. Tomorrow, they will say the heart of a woman is wicked. I feel so alone.

One comment

  1. Forgiving him will help you truly heal in the long run. Don’t hate him and sometimes the one we want doesn’t want us too. You will be fine, just don’t make any rash decisions please.

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