Should I get it for her?

Hmm I started seeing this girl recently and I like her and we usually get laid together yktv, she’s complaining about her phone since it’s faulty then today she told me it has completely gone off. Right now I feel bad, I haven’t gotten a phone for my little sister before or even my mum. Indirectly she wants me to get her an iPhone X, she told me she don’t like 6,7, that she can manage 8plus.. but as a guy still thinking about it… should I get it for her?? Not after getting it she go serve me breakfast!!!!


  1. Bro!

    Be wise o! Tell her you can’t afford it for now, let’s see if she stays. It feels better to be served breakfast when investments haven’t gone down.

    Babes full everywhere. You’ll still see another that will give you punani- sweeter punani sef.

    I hope you read this and be wise. To me, She’s an opportunist

  2. This is real life, it doesn’t matter if you are DRAKE or FUTURE, she won’t WAIT FOR YOU, she will leave you on her own TEMS . Be wise !!!!!! Listen to your O G’s

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