Gentility or Petty?

Started dating this dude who has a reputation for womanizing and cheating to be honest. I met him after a tough space and decided what the hell? I will give him a chance since nobody is perfect and shouldn’t be judged off their past. Throughout the whole situation I found out more hideous stories but he had assured me that was his past and open up about some shit. He was on his best behavior frankly, well up till recently. Our relationship strived off open communication and respect but I feel like I have been robbed of that. He started lying and all the sensors within my body went into defense mood. I started snooping and found out he cheated but this boy continues to lie and gaslight me. It is upsetting for me because this is somebody I planted much hopes in. I don’t even care about the cheating part much but I find the lying to my face part extremely disrespectful and very disturbing. I am pregnant currently and I am aborting it because I realized that I cannot be tie to someone this disturbing for life and cannot put my mental health and sanity through the mud. I am stuck in between ruining his life for 3 years or just let him go with his troubles. I am super angry and regretful.

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