My birthday is tomorrow (may 23rd), I feel suicidal. I’ll be 22, life has been cruel to me, I didn’t choose to be born.


Anytime someone post suicidal thoughts here and you people will reply ‘at just this age?’re still young please’…. I don’t understand …does age determine when you’ll start feeling suicidal?? Does people stop body shaming you at that little age? Dont you get to see things at that age and want it and when things aren’t working out aren’t you allowed to be sad about it???.. people are suicidal at 18/19 and succeeded you guys should be encouraging not doing the exact same thing the other people are doing


  1. You don’t need it dear, I don’t know what that’s all about but I think we can talk about it. Add me on Facebook at Real Prince Oyeyemi Magbeyiyomi. Happy birthday in Advance

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