G boy wahala🤞🏽

I met this guy 3 weeks ago. He’s very kind and caring and told me he sells cars and is a tech guy; he didn’t add that he’s a G boy😭. I spent last weekend with him again. This time though, I was on my period and he knew it. I confirmed that he’s a scammer before I left his place and now I’m scared for my used pads in his bin😭. I’m just counting on the fact that he’s so nice, genuine and he appreciates my heart

G boy wahala 2

Posted earlier about being scared I left my pad in my new boyfriend’s house before knowing he’s a G boy. Just want to say he’s so sweet and we love each other🥰. Yes I’ve chopped breakfast twice and dated severally so I’m experienced enough to know this guy is the real deal. It’s going slowly but surely and I’m falling for him🥰🥰

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