Just got home now and the bolt driver that picked my up today was sooo cute. I think I have a crush on him!😮‍💨 he’s so cute and he smelled so so good, i sat in front and I could smell his scent, it was so masculine and so hot! Lol I’m a goner. I’ve been looking at his profile since he left and there’s contact the driver there but I can’t lol 😭. My whole body is still tensed and i think I miss the guy which is really weird because this is the first time I’ve seen him. He had like this calm aura about him and he kept apologizing everytime the car swerved the wrong direction and I was uncomfortable
Or when he took a turn and then the sun was shining directly at my face and he apologized for that too. I’m such an awkward person and when I was giving him directions I secretly prayed I wouldn’t say anything to disgrace my self. I was so nervous and I was stealing glances at him
Anyways I hope I see him another time🤭
I i do, I’ll come back here again to tell you guys!

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