Am I making a mistake

I’m getting married next weekend but I’m sure I’m with someone that is not attracted to me or something! Picks a fight when we have to attend a party together just to avoid me at the party or not take me by saying it’s boys night out. Meanwhile I’m a fucking spec! And that’s on God and everything. I just want to quietly end the wedding plans and just be on my own. I’m such a lover girl! This would make me sad forever 😩a fucking alcholic too. Just doesn’t know when to stop drinking and ends up being a nuisance 😞😏I just want out of this whole mess 😩but my mum🤨😟😏she’d say it’s my village people


  1. Your mum would be upset definitely, but she wouldn’t Live with you, and experience what you would. In the end our happiness as humans is all that matters.

  2. Aahh leave oo my darling…
    You need to see what this same thing caused in the movie “blood sisters”

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