It feels like my heart has been pierced

How much can one person take
How much pain
It’s always one step forward and five steps backwards
Sometimes I just feel like this is my punishment for having sex
My life has literally turned upside down because of one person
Someone I give many chances to continuously gives me reasons not to
It’s starting to feel like he’s hurting me intentionally
It’s all too much
I can’t deal
My heart is paining me
I don’t have regrets in my life but I definitely regret meeting him
How can someone who made me feel so complete suddenly make me feel incomplete
It’s so scary
He’d rather be with anyone else but me why
Why must that person be so close to me
Why does this keep happening
I’m so tired of hurting
I’m tired of crying
Funny thing is my heart still finds a way to see the good in him
God my vulnerability has failed me
I tried so hard to get everything right
I’m so tired of crying
I feel stupid crying
It’s crazy
Why me honestly
I deserve Happiness but seems like it doesn’t want me.

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