I dreamt last night that my mom died , I’d never felt so much emptiness before in my life. When I was little I dreamt a lot about people dying and I was told it means they’d entered a new phase of their lives, I didn’t believe them sha. But when I woke up my mom told us she had recieved a million naira for her business. I’m beginning to believe this superstition o. Thank God Sha

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  1. Life
    I’m at this point in life where I’ll do anything for money. I’m a 22 years old lady who’s always being compared to her mates. They don’t want me to have a job or learn a skill. Keeping me home like a prisoner. They want me to make my own money on my own then they’ll support me. How is it possible when you don’t give me money in the first place? I’m sad and depressed. I need to pay a bill of 100k. Can’t even sleep 😔😔😔😔😔. Someone should come to my aid cause I’m losing it each day.
    All I want is for my life to be in order and have money to sort some bills 😢😢😢

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