I got tired of being bullied as a kid and because I can’t match up with them in physical strength I developed my own silent way of revenge which always end up being more brutal than what I suffered, I don’t feel remorse no matter how much I watch them suffer and the funny part is no one ever knows it’s me. They always assume it’s karma, always.

Payback 2

I was at an interview minding my business when all of a sudden I got drenched by this dude sitting beside me pretending to be choking on the water he was drinking, it was deliberate, the unremorseful look in his eyes says it all, this was the same person that asked me to show him my materials some couples of minutes before and he commended me on how organized and neat my documents were, leaving me and my documents which were essential to the interview all drenched, I thought there was no hope, it was just me and him left, he was set to be interviewed while I’m all wet with my documents, I was already thinking of leaving but lucky for me the interview was postponed. While he was checking my documents earlier I also looked through his and I was able to remember some of his informations so I created an email with the name of a company he talked about that has always been his dream organization to work with, sent him a mail for an interview, I scheduled the date of the interview to be the same date our interview was postponed to and the same time, evil right ? I know, I got there on the said date for the interview and dude wasn’t there, he took the bait, I got the job and just while I was leaving he came running in like a mad dog, I made sure to smile at him as I walk past him.

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