Break up

Today he finally told me he wants to breakup with me, i left the relationship since last year. He drained my trust and love but i was still hoping if he will just do better and heal me. He laughs about our problem in his guy’s DM and talks about other girls, i stayed despite the disrespect. When i complained about how he treats me, the gates of Hades open and he turns them to blame me. I’m sad because my intentions were good, I’m sad because i never wanted the relationship but you asked to choose between reciprocating your love or letting our friendship go. I’m sad because i waited for you to heal me. I’m sad because i had other options but i wanted you. Even when i wanted the best for the relationship you said i was moving too fast and we are young .you suspected me even .. i saw this coming because i talked to abba(God) yesterday amidst tears to heal me and today a break up ..
I hope you get repaid for every pain you caused me and chose to turn a blind eye ..

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