Dp fetish

My boyfriend is always bugging me for a threesome with any of my female friends. I don’t like the idea but little does he know I have a secret fetish for double penetration with two guys. So I told him, “ I’ll agree if you agree, we would do with a guy first”. He vexed for me and said he’s not gay and never brought it up. 😂😂first to do no dey pain o. He went and cheated on me with one of my friends and thinks I don’t know😂😂. Anyways I sha cheated back on him with his rich elder twin brothers wey dey Abuja, they gave me N200 k on top. I loved it and We are planning another one. Me and my boyfriend are still together 2 years in the relationship and he’s thinking of marrying me. Me that one of his older brother has already gone to chose engagement rings together. E go shock am when he flies down and comes for the wedding and sees me walking down the aisle. Me 4 :0 Tunde . 😂😂

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