I started talking to this girl, after she replied to my comment on Connotare, 2 days into the conversation, she’s already telling me all her life problems. I was so irritated like if you need money, ask politely, she was just ruining the whole conversation. I told my friend and he told me to talk to her about it , which I did in a reasonable way , Omo this girl couldn’t even listen to the truth and she started talking and broke shaming me because I didn’t send you money in just two days 🤦🏽‍♂️ . She even lied a guy on Instagram scammed her so you expect me to pay you , when you said you’ve left the guy for God , she ended up passing her boundaries when she mentioned my parents and I had to clear and say some dirty truth In her head , she ended up crying and trying to claim victim. I had to block her at the end of the day. Hook up girl trying to act decent

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