Thank God for life

Omo I used to think I had a degree in road crossing until today. I love music so much😭. I’ve been warned severally to stop listening to music on the road but I can’t stop. When coming back from work I tried crossing the road (Ears blocked, can’t hear nothing except Migos) I checked the road, there was a jeep. Using my road crossing skills, I crossed the road whilst the jeep was coming hoping by the time I reach the jeep must have left. Little did I know there was a bike man behind the jeep that I did not see. I crashed into the bike and we both fell on the floor😭. Adrenaline rushing all over my body. Thankfully I left with a little bruise on my elbow. My oraimo freepods fell on the road. I watched a car crush one 😭😭. I’m not listening to music on the road again o. Please guys use this as a lesson. I get coconut head. I dey go buy another airpods tomorrow. I just thank God for life

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