My boyfriend we have only dated for a month plus, suddenly communication died down. Normally no phone calls from day to day but we chat always. The chat died down too. I complained about the communication and he said he will fix it. Since the day he said he will fix it, we haven’t talked again. I called and texted him no reply. Dunno if it’s ghosting because my head feels heavy since morning. The last time we talked I told him I miss you and he replied with Ok 😂😂😂 I am fine because I am hurting from a sibling’s death and this now but I am good.🥺

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  1. Please let him stay dead don’t allow him access to you ever again. He will come back but don’t let him ooo. That’s how I let this man back and we got married and he ghosted me. It’s been 10 months since I have heard from him. May God give you the strength to bear the loss of your loved one. You will surely survive this🌹this storm will pass. I’m sending you love ❤️

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