I really find it hard to say no to people. I gave someone over #150k to buy a phone and the person promised to pay back. I see the person every time and it’s been 5 months and i can’t ask for it again. The person still keeps asking for more and I keep giving and I don’t know how to say no. I really wish I wasn’t nice. People are really taking advantage of me but I just want people to be happy . And I’m just here sad. I don’t think anyone can do same for me. Everyone keeps taking from me and I can’t even say no.

One comment

  1. Hey love , you don’t always have to say yes!
    No is a word you should use when it’s important and with all this you really need to start saying No
    Don’t be so hard on yourself , people who borrowed from you should learn how to pay back without you asking em for the money
    But hey you’re a nice person , don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise
    Lots of love❤️

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