Relationship issue

I have been dating my girlfriend since 2017, I love her so much and I know she loves me too but our problem started when she got back to school for her HND program. Yes I’m bad in communicating but that doesn’t mean I don’t love her or care about her, she do ask me anything when she needs it and I do give her but she cheats on me when she’s in school. Though they don’t have sex but could you imagine another guy sleep over in my girlfriend’s room, the so room I gave her money to rent. I find out when checking her phone and in her diary, they didn’t have sex because she’s not sure of the guy, ever since then I don’t trust her anymore. I confronted her and she begged me for forgiveness, I forgave her but I don’t trust her anymore. She claims I’m the cause of it because I’m bad in communication, me that all I do is hustle just to make end meet. I still love her but something in me doesn’t forgive her. I could just move on with my life and hopefully she will find the man who will good for her since I’m not trying in her face ..

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