Have you ever been in a three girls’ squad? Well, I’ve been in two my whole life and one was the best even though there were some misunderstandings. But the other? Absolute hell! Having to be with humans who were only friends with you for the “benefits” of it, people who are like thorns in your flesh, constantly gossiping about you and pretending to your face. Folks who you benefit nothing from, they always want to take but added nothing tangible to your life. Lots and lots of people warned me about them, told me about how envious they were of me, and constantly put up a charade whenever I was around them. I didn’t learn till it actually became so obvious that they didn’t love me and were pretending all along. Long story short, now I’m no longer buddies with them and people are still warning me about being careful around them, that there is this hatred they have for me lol.

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