Mary mother of 😭

I just realized I’m pregnant
I haven’t had sex or spent a minute with any man In the last 13 months
I work from home, single, how tf is this possible right now
I spoke with my doctor I’m so worried

Mary mother of 2

Posted days ago that I found out I was pregnant while celibate, and I got replies from so many people that I should get back to them in other to share my experience. Yes I am really pregnant, I don’t swim, I haven’t visited the hospital for any type of illness in the past 13 months because I rarely get sick , Lastly I live alone in my apartment. I just had to answer your questions. I’m trying to find out what’s wrong I’m at the verge of losing my mind
Your prayers ❤

One comment

  1. MEN💔

    I’m gradually breaking down mentally and emotionally and it’s all because of a man 🤦🏻‍♀️.
    Like what do men really want ? Y are they wicked ? Y are they mean and heartless to genuine people ? How can a grown up man lie to me and promise me heaven and earth just to get in between my legs! I sleep often because I’m running away from reality 😭, I feel so bad because I don’t deserve the kind of guys that comes my way ( like 80% of them would just lie to my face and when I finally agree to hook up with one then they just make me realize that they are all the same ..)
    I’m a genuine person, I’m very soft and emotional, I love love buh I just realize this would not take me anywhere because the moment they find out you very fragile they trample on you and they do it without remorse!
    My tired is tired honestly!

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