Is something wrong with me?

I am undergoing my masters outside Nigeria but something is beginning to get me really worried… I have assignments to submit.. I am to submit one this morning but I can’t find myself to finish up! All I want to do is get engrossed in work or my phone and food (if I am not doing any of these then I am sleeping) what’s wrong? Is this I medical issue?? It’s becoming worrisome! I literally sit and press my phone all day! I have always been very serious before I left Nigeria so what’s my problem now? 😩😩😩 I just can’t concentrate when I am trying to finish up these assignments ha!


  1. I guess I wasn’t alone sha. I love doing my school work but it feels like a burden to do it now

  2. I am feeling the same way also. I start finals on friday, I have a lot to do, but here I am at midnight in the toilet reading connotare.

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