I’m so heartbroken I may never see him again

I met this guy in March, I don’t remember the first meeting, but he was the type of guy I wanted!! All my exes I was hesitant to be with them and at some point I usually felt forced when doing some things but with this guy everything was natural. I tried to stop myself from being too relaxed around him but I couldn’t help it. A few weeks later I took his virginity, I wanted to break up with him because I felt at the rate we were going, we’d be unable to stay apart from each other. I wasn’t able to because I was already loving him . Things were fine until my birthday, we went to his house, he had issues with his parents for bringing me to their home, they decided to cut him off from all his friends and he disappeared. For a long time now, no way to communicate with him. His phone is off , he hasn’t been online. And every day it breaks my heart, because I miss him so much and I’m worried I may never see him again. What we had was real, I can feel it as much as he felt it. I just hope that wherever he is , he still thinks of me and misses me as much as I do.

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