I paid a hacker to hack this guy’s Twitter account and they did a good job
I’m happy seeing him rant on his WhatsApp status , if he knows what’s good for him to should avoid me because he’s so deceitful and wicked


  1. So today I went to my boyfriends house , on my walking down the street I saw him outside with his friends getting things ,so I was like Hello 👋. Then I was standing beside a tree out there when he went into a shop to get Cway water ok there’s this guy that meet me inside of the street 4days back asked me for my number I just laughed and told him no and I didn’t tell him my name too I just kept on walking, so yesterday wen I came out to get outside fir my babe I saw this guy again, he kept on asking me for my number I had to give him a wrong number to make him leave me , he called it and wasn’t going I told him to try in the evening it might go through .so today now when I was standing beside the tree this guy saw me and was like hi I was trying to to give him a sign dude back off , he kept coming so he was like the number I gave him wasn’t going I just laughed and waved at him saying bye because my bf was coming ,so he left when my bf came he was like who’s that I was like this guy has been disturbing me and I gave him a wrong number so he was asking me why I gave him a wrong line , before I could finish he was like am I crazy why would I talk to someone in his street that I should that going home that I want to disgrace him like how 😪, I was sad I followed him inside the house I went to the room he walking in and told me I most be crazy I should go home he walked out and went to the parlour ,so I stayed inside the room for 1hr he did speak to me I called him wasn’t answering told him am leaving since he can’t hear me out ,till now he hasn’t called me . Please was there any bad thing I did ? That I deserve such attitude

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