I’m sorry

I’m so depressed, I’ve been depressed, it’s been over 10 months and I can’t seem to get over the heart break, abortion , rejection and how I was abandoned. I know I’ll kill myself I have to, it’s the right thing to do! I can’t keep up with anything anymore. Today, tomorrow. I’m sorry


  1. Don’t try to kill yourself because of all that. You just have to keep pushing, all that is happening will later be part of your life story so try hard and keep pushing my sister ❤️❤️

  2. Babes as I write to you I’m also talking to myself…my husband ghosted me last year June and told his family that he’s done with the marriage. I feel so ashamed and I have been hiding from all the people that know me except my family. Nothing looks good right now and I’m struggling to see the light too but it won’t rain forever. Please join me in keeping the hope alive…na who give up fuck up. I’ll pray for you too tonight. Please don’t leave us 😭🌹

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