I don’t even know where to start from sef, i am really depressed like totally. I planned on having money to sponsor myself to school before I made the step of going to school because I knew what could happen to me in school. My mum insisted that it is getting late and I should do what I need to now before it is late. I tried to convince her but she insisted that I should go to school. I was even doing contribution with one of her friends like that #10k every month for good a year and some months like that.
That I end up not collecting it because someone ran away with money or so

I agree with My mum that I will go to school oo if I know then I should have apply for an open university that I can work and still attend classes
Now apart from my first school fees
My mum never talk about how am going to pay school fees again I have been sorting my self out always now am a finalist doing project and some others
I call her just of resent that she should help me with anything she told me if she’s dead Unko 😪😪😩so sad to hear that from her I don’t even know what to do now. I’m really dying and really in need of help even if it’s to pay my school fee alone 😪

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