African parents

I’m going to be 19 on 11th May, I’m the first born. No one talks about how parents are mean to their kids. My dad is partially paralyzed but on Friday, they wrongly accused me and beat me up mercilessly, they used all manner of things on me, I almost passed out, they stepped on me and did many horrible things to me that I can’t mention. I’m planning poisoning my dad with rat killer, he really deserves to die after treating me this way.

African parents 2

Everyone is asking what I did. I went out for my NIN reg, that morning they were pissed and didn’t want me 2 go but I had to because of it’s importance. I came back home and knocked tirelessly, they locked me out despite their threats in the morning I came back because it’s my house. I’m in 300l, I’m not some kid, I started a little business and they seized my goods it’s over 2 months. They’ve injured me everywhere, wounds all over, I’m being maltreated and it’s been going on for long

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