I’m a mom of two but my friend lost her baby at birth yesterday. I never knew i could feel this much pain for a child that isn’t mine, i have cried soo much. It could have been averted, but her uncle the doctor did everything in his power to make sure that baby died before attempting a ceaserian section. My heart bleeds, some families are shit.

Pain 2

She didn’t go into labor and baby was overdue, they tried inducing her and it failed. The baby’s heartbeat started dropping, that was his cue to prep her for surgery, he said ‘the heartbeat is only reducing. Its a normal heartbeat for babies’when i had my first child and same thing happened. I did CS in a matter of minutes and was placed on oxygen immediately because i could have lost him. Well the doctor left her from 7am till the baby’s heartbeat stopped before prepping her for surgery 8.45pm, he pooed and ingested his meconium. Surgery that could have been done when the inducing failed but he waited till the boy was gone before prepping her for surgery. In his words, he didn’t think the baby was distressed.

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