I have a condition which everytime I go through stress either physically or mentally or emotionally and I’m having insomnia I hear a replay of every voice I’ve heard that day in my head all overlapping one another, the laughter the screams the normal the whispers, everything. Sometimes when I’m in my head I imagine scenarios and talk to myself and show physical expressions that make people ask me what I’m doing
I have some symptoms of ADHD too although I haven’t been medically diagnosed with it. Tonight, I can’t sleep but I don’t hear any voices whatsoever and I’m just thankful I feel thankful so I’m sharing it. Xoxo

One comment

  1. The voices they keep hearing is normal and is associated with a mental condition called schizophrenia. It can be treated by using prescribed medicine and therapy. They should seek help because it could get worse. The voices can start asking them to kill

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