Messed up

I broke up with my ex, we became sex partners. I got pregnant March he wanted pills I didn’t , he sent money for abortion, I sent a horrible text saying the wrath of God be on him because he wasn’t checking up on me, aborted and now he wants space from me. I still want him around me but he says I should give him time to clear his head. He disvirgined me, everytime I wake I’m full of regrets might kill myself soon I feel I have a big mouth.


  1. please don’t do that, suicide is never the answer. let him go, he probably doesn’t deserve you.
    pick up the remaining pieces of your life and move on, you have alot ahead of you

  2. Please, suicide is not an option. Such attachments after “break-ups” aren’t abnormal, they are part of our emotional defense mechanism.

    It’s crazy tge kinds of stories the mind can create, just to keep it all together.

    Please gice yourself time to ease out of it, don’t beat yourself up for still wanting him either.

    Just acknowledge the feeling, and be lovingly honest with yourself.

    You’ll be alright.

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