Emotional damage

She dumped me the first time. Was so heartbroken, I cried a-lot but the love was still there and we got back together but I wasn’t that lover boy she once knew. Split up with her again last year and I’m glad I didn’t love with my heart again. She’s fcked a few guys whilst dating me but I haven’t even done as little as hooking up with any other girl. I’m damaged emotionally and now cold-hearted 😈 got no feelings anymore. This how some of us the good guys turned into serial cheats! I won’t advice even my worst enemy to fall in love, this btches will ruin you emotionally, mentally, financially..never ignore a red flag no matter how little stay focused dawgs!

One comment

  1. I understand how you feel bro. Been in this same situation before. I’m presently struggling to get my humanity back again.

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