Yesterday was a bad day for me mentally. A friend of a friend asked if she could use me as a model for her beginners makeup class and I agreed because I thought it would be fun. When I got there, there were all these girls there, all learning makeup. I looked at these girls and I felt so down in my spirit, not because I was insecure about my looks or anything I know I’m a fine girl but all these girls looked like they have their lives together, they had so much confidence you could tell from the way they spoke and carried themselves. I couldn’t wait to leave there. Anyways “the friend of a friend” decided to come to my family house and I am so insecure about my house – it’s so embarrassing. Not like I have ever told them I live in a fancy place or anything. I don’t even talk about my place that much because I’m embarrassed, I’ve never even had a friend over. I was scared and paranoid when she said she was coming over, I even tried to fake call my mom so that she would just change her mind and not come again but she was so persistent, on the way I told her the situation of my house and how empty it is. I asked her if she would just sit outside instead but she said no. We got to my house and she was asking about my room – I share a room with my mom at the moment, I just gave up and showed her the room that I share with my mom. It’s not a fancy room- that’s what I told her. After she left I was so embarrassed and I couldn’t believe I let her in my house. It just made me want to stay away from people and I’ve figured that I don’t like being with people or around people.

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  1. Living in a house that is not fancy is not a bad thing… you should be proud of where you come from and don’t put it to heart cause you don’t even know where that friend stays it might even be worst… some people do not have a place to call their home… Be grateful you have one ❤️

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